Study Abroad

Join us in Poland!
Krakow, Poland: June – July 

Reimagining Poland: History and Literature in the 20th Century

What former students are saying about our program:
“The study abroad program in Kraków, Poland was the most incredible experience. Studying under a foreign curriculum and getting to live in another country gives you a new perspective on life. Jagiellonian University is a beautiful school rich in culture and history. I want to teach Polish history and attending the program helped me reconnect with my Polish heritage and gave me priceless experiences to share with my future students.”
Taylor, Summer ‘13


“We had class three days per week, with three 1-hour classes each day, and then we were free to explore the town.  Courses and Instructors were excellent! Excursions on the weekends often correlated to the material we were learning. Honestly, I learned a lot in 4 weeks.  My advice is don’t be afraid of the new culture, or let your inhibitions get in the way of exploring because most people are willing to help and lots of people do speak English in Kraków. Very good crash course in Polish culture.”
Zak, Summer ‘13

“In all honesty, I really did not know what to expect when I was going on the program.  I had no crystal idea of what Poland or even Kraków was going to be like.   Yet after going on the trip, I can say that my experience on the program far exceeded my expectations.  The things I witnessed experiences and learned on the program gave me a new outlook on Poland and allowed me to see it in all its beauty and a country as an extension of Europe.  The quality of the program was superb and the courses in the program were some the best I have taken through UIC.  The Jagiellonian professors were energetic and enthusiastic that always kept out attentions and instructed the courses.  The content of the lessons taught in each class was presented in a very digestible way that was reinforced by out excursions throughout the program and extracurricular activities outside the classroom as well.  The cultural units were by far my favorite part of the trip.  To me, the visits to the southern Polish cities allowed me to understand a great deal of the history of Poland from many different perspectives.  In addition, places like Nova Huta, Tarnów and Wrocław presented to me the impact Germany, communism and Polish Jewry have played in the formation of Poland and continue to participate as active players in Poland.”
Barrett, Summer ’13